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How to Bulk Edit ALL Products

if you require the need to select all product in one go then this is a guide to show you how. This task could be used if you want to bulk edit products to do things like putting all products on sale or changing shipping costs for example.

  1. Visit your website when logged in
  2. Navigate to your ‘DASHBOARD’
  3. Click ‘PRODUCTS’ on the left hand side

A list of products will appear at 20 per page

4. at the top of the screen is a dropdown box (see image) called ‘SCREEN OPTIONS’¬†Change the number of products to page to your required amount and click ‘APPLY’

5. Once loaded then click the tick box on the left of the product list to select all products

6. next to this click the dropdown to select ‘EDIT’ then click apply

You will now be taken to a screen to make bulk changes, make the changes you need and ‘UPDATE’

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