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100 New Accounts to Be Approved Next Week

100 More Accounts to be Approved
Seven months ago launched, the mass of people wanting an account crashed our server twice and within 15 minutes we became full. This meant lots of people were left without accounts and we had a waiting list of hundreds of members waiting for approval.

We worked hard with the members we had to expand to be to able to accommodate more members.

Anyone following our facebook profile will know that 2 weeks ago we moved into a brand new 3,000 sq foot factory and have employed many new staff to take dropship to the next level.
Changes to the Dropship website
For various reasons (we won’t get into now) we had to limit the locations, people were allowed to sell our products, so our members were not allowed to sell on eBay and Amazon for example. this led to too many rules which we did not like.

We have therefore cut back some products that were not available to be sold on many marketplaces and left you with just the products that CAN BE SOLD ANYWHERE 
Remember you can send your visitors to your own dropship shop platform which can take your payments directly to your PayPal account with no eBay fees.
So sell away with ALL the products on

More products will be added monthly to increase the now shorter range but there will be no restrictions on these products and you can go for it just in time for Christmas.

100 new accounts approved next week and on a constant basis to help our servers get used to the increase in traffic.

Any Questions live chat is available again between 9am – 3pm weekdays


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