Anyone selling’s products will know that it can seem hard to compete when other people are selling the same products on marketplaces like Ebay. You may feel that you can’t compete, well don’t worry you can! all you need is a bit of imagination and effort.

What not to do

Don’t simply take our dropship listing and cut and paste it into Ebay, this is the worse thing to do.

What Should I Do Then?

Create a unique title and target it at certain customers, let me know you what I mean

A Dropship Title

‘Spanner Bangle for Men’

Your eBay Title

‘Spanner Bangle Engraved With ‘I Love You Daddy’ Great Gift for Dad’

You have now created a new listing that no one else has targeted at DAD, and you can keep going like this.You have one image of an item and can inspire people with lots of ideas of what they can get personalised, Son, Brother, I love You, Number 1 Mechanic, the list is only limited by your imagination.

With 90% of our products personalised you can list thousands of different listings.

How to Get The Edge

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