Create A Dropship Store

What is a dropship store?
A Dropship store is basically a place where you can showcase the products you want to sell in your very own space within the dropship system.

How does it work?
If you have registered for a Dropship account you are now able to view or setup your very own Dropship store. When you setup your store you will be asked for your site domain this will be something like ‘’ where ‘myshop’ is the name you would like your store to be called. You will also be asked to give your site a title i.e. My Awesome Store. You can also select whether you would like search engines to index your store. This helps with the SEO of your new store. Once you click the ‘create site’ button we will automatically setup a store for you with all our products.

Once your store is setup you ou will also be able to edit the products we have assigned to you including prices, titles and descriptions.

How will it benefit me?
There are many benefits, listed below;

No fees
A Dropship shop is perfect if you are a social media seller as it provides you with a website. You can send interested social media followers here, avoiding Ebay fees and allowing you to take payment through our system. The benefits of this are below.


Google traffic
You have the ability to edit the titles and descriptions of products in your Dropship store. This means your store will generate traffic from Google and other search engines. This means that you might just get some extra traffic and sales. When you do get a sale you will be notified and you just need to visit our website and buy the item where we proceed to ship direct to your customer.

Live support
People will always have questions regarding the products. Anyone visiting your Dropship store will see live chat support at the bottom of the page. This means if they have any questions then we can answer them quickly, and encourage them to make a purchase through your store. The support will look like it’s from your website with no links to The benefit is, you dont need to answer questions about each product, as we will do this quickly and easily for you.

No Branding
The Dropship banner and branding at the top of the page will disappear and will be replaced by your store name. Customers will believe they are ordering through your website, and the live support is all part of your service.

Unique URL
Each store has a unique website address so you can use this to promote across social media, on business cards, forums, or anywhere else you want to promote our products.

All this is provided with no FEES!

Why would we give all this for free?
Technically we are not! If you think about it, we are getting paid when people buy products through your Dropship store. So the more we can do to encourage sales for you, the more we are generating for ourselves.

View or setup your store and start selling today!