Our Story So Far Scrapbook – Wood Paper Anniversary


This hand crafted scrapbook is perfect to reminisce over your marriage.



Commemorate your Paper Anniversary with a scrapbook of your year so far, perfect for your first year together as a couple or as a married couple.

Ideas to go in your scrapbook:

  • Your Firsts: First Date, First Kiss, First Holiday, First Christmas etc.
  • Wedding Photos
  • Small Wedding Decorations
  • Honeymoon Tickets
  • Honeymoon Photos
  • First Meal cooked together
  • Holidays taken
  • Concert/Cinema/Days Out Tickets and Memorabilia
  • An ABC of your time together: A for Adventures, B for Birthdays etc.
  • A calendar layout documenting what happened in each month/year
  • A collage of Photos taken through the years

Our scrapbook is laser engraved, hand made and put together in Cornwall, UK.

The scrapbook is bound with a quality wooden cover at the front and the back, the front cover has a heart cut out with the inscription laser engraved “#Year, Our Story So Far”.

The first page is red card then 20-26 A5 kraft card pages follow.

The whole scrapbook is held together with 2 rings ensuring ease of use and no bent pages.

Our scrapbook is 220mm x 150mm x 19mm and has approximately 20 – 26 sheets.

Our Story So Far Scrapbook – Wood Paper Anniversary


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