The Everlasting Rose


The Everlasting Rose (case & props not included)


Our stunningly beautiful rose is the perfect gift for your loved one no matter the occasion.

This entrancing rose is hand cast in solid tin, handcrafted to perfection.

This product has not been dipped or plated and it’s lovingly made in Cornwall, this English rose is a true gem of our collection.

Show your eternal and unconditional love by giving them a rose that will never wither.

Your Everlasting Rose will arrive in a fitted box accompanied with a loving note.

Show your partner how much thought has gone in to celebrate this occasion with the Everlasting Rose.

“When the last petal withers, is when I will stop loving you”

Available at 14cm tall with the rose head measuring at 5.5cm in diameter. Not freestanding.

The Everlasting Rose


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