Earn Money At Home During Covid-19 Lock Down

During Covid-19 we understand that money might be tight for people.  We have developed a system to allow people involved in our football team to work from home and still earn money.

to sign up for this please use the form below.

What Does Dropship LTD do?

Those that don’t know, Dropship LTD designs, develops and manufactures products which our members make a very good income selling on websites such as Amazon and Ebay. This info is here.

But that’s not what you will be doing, we need designs for these members. And that’s where you come in.

Using a cloud-based design software that’s very easy to use and live support in the chat at the bottom right-hand side of the screen, we can get you designing products which will provide you with short term income and have long term benefits to Dropship FC.

What Am I Designing?

Project 1 – SIGNS.

At the moment we are working with our members to design a range of hanging signs for the home, these can be funny or whatever you feel. As the designer you will get paid 50p an approved design. You can design as many as you want. Our Covid-19 hit staff are working from home and currently creating 60-80 signs a day.

The next project will be announced in a few weeks as soon as we have enough signs.

Sample of some previous sign designs

Should you want to become a Full Dropship member, later on. Just send me a message to be considered where our members are earning anything from £300 p/m to £10,000. MORE INFO HERE

Please Note:

This is not a cash in hand operation, those we pay will be responsible to declare your income, or you can take on temporary employment with Dropship LTD through PAYE

Please use the form below to sign up.

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