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About Dropship and how we work

Dropship – Delivering Products That Sell is a manufacturer of Giftware in the UK that dropships direct to your Amazon (fulfilled by Amazon) FBA account

No membership needed.

To order simply follow the below steps.

  1. Browse our products and decide what you would like to sell
  2. Add these products to the Amazon catalogue using this guide
  3. Once you have listed these products on Amazon then create a shipment (guide on how to create a shipment coming soon)
  4.  Our workshop will receive the order
  5. Contact us to pay your invoice or we will contact you
  6. We will ship your selected products and quantities direct to your Amazon account for you to make sales

Can i list on ebay?

of course, just simply list the products on ebay, once you get a sale you can use Amazon fulfilment to quickly post your order from your stock we shipped there (guide coming soon)